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Welcome to the Football page of 'The Collier Family' web site.

Apart from being a fan of the game (like David) Jamie actually plays regular football.

Currently he plays as a centre back for the Witham Nomads Under 18's team.

Witham Nomads play their home games at:
New Rickstones Academy,

Conrad Road,

Witham CM8 2SD

(see map here).

This team is now back in the Colchester and District Youth Football League, playing in the Under 18's A League.

Last season (2008-2009), it was part of the Blackwater & Dengie Youth Football League.

Matches usually occur every Sunday, although the kick-off time does vary.

Witham Nomads Goalscorers:

Other Bits:

  • Jamie supports Manchester United

    Like most MUFC supporters, he doesn't live in Manchester nor has he been anywhere near the place.

  • David supports West Ham United

    (I know, I know. Save your sympathy for someone else).

  • Paul & Martin support Arsenal